My name is Martina Staniek - my business name is MyTopTeddy.

Originaly I come from Vienna, in Austria.
Currently I live with my partner in Rosenheim, Germany. This is near Munich; in Bavaria.

I am a soft-sculpture fabric artist, and i enjoy creating One Of a Kind (OOaK) Teddy bears and Trolls. But this is not all.

I discovered needle felting, also called dry felting and i really enjoy the possibilities in expression, with this wonderful art gives to me.

Most of my Teddy bears have needle felted faces and with this art, I have so many ways that i can give their faces an unique and special expression.

I prefer to make my Teddy bears from long haired faux fur, as I like the look of it very much. For
my Trolls i use Schulte mohair to create this special look.
I make them one at a time and I give each and every Teddy or Troll lots of attention whilst I bring him or her to life.

Each of my creatures are designed and crafted with their own individual personality and lovable charm. The process to create them takes quite some time, and I do not feel the need to rush the process of creating them.

I also started again to knit and crochet a lot, and I am a spinner.
NOOOO not that !
I spin learned how to spin wool !
I use diffrent handspindles and my spinning wheel to create nice, unique, fantastic yarn.

I hope you enjoy my Teddies and other creations.
Thank you for visiting MyTopTeddy.
I hope to see you again soon!

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