Please contact me when you want to buy one of this special Toys.
My Teddy's for baby's and toddlers are specially designed for the need of the smallest and don t bear a safteyrisk.
This Teddy's are sewn of pollutant free cotton plush from Schulte of Germany and are filled with special polyfill, which is suitable for the smallest. Furthermore i use safety or embroidered eyes and safety noses to grant the highest security.
This Teddy's can be washed in the machine at 30C and don't have to be treated with special care.

I sew those Teddy's after your wish, and you can choose the colour of the cotton plush and the size of the Teddy.

You can however choose Mikro plush, which is anti-allergen, and can also be washed at 30C.
For slightly older children, i can also recomend a Teddy made from lamb skin or from mohair.

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